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Lazy Cake

Lazy Cake

The Legendary Lazy Cake!

As much as planning parties can sound fun, taking action may be a little more stressful, hectic or tiring than you initially thought. You spend weeks of planning and preparing only to feel like the party lasted for 5 minutes – time flies when your having fun!

If your planning a party for your little one, after setting date/time and location, there are 3 main things you start to think about:

  • The entertainment
  • The decorations
  • The food

The entertainment is the easiest in my opinion – go online, do your research and book – now that’s done! Next thing to worry about is the decorations, might take a little longer, especially if your using a particular theme and if you decide to do some stuff yourself at home such as printing labels and favours etc… Which then leaves us with the most important thing – What are you going to feed the kids? (and parents if attending the party). Well  some may spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen preparing, cooking and heating; others may outsource and get some catering delivered to the party. Either way this may take some time deciding on the food, ordering it or cooking it. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you one of our favourite simple party food recipes – The Lazy Cake!

With ONLY 4 ingredients – you can’t go wrong in choosing this as one of your sweet party dishes.


  1. Arnott’s Marie Biscuits (3 packs)
  2. Half a block of butter
  3. 2 cans of condensed milk
  4. 1/2 cup of cocoa


Crush biscuits to your liking (crunchy or fine). Combine butter, condensed milk and cocoa then mix with crushed biscuits.
Roll mixture in Glad wrap to make it into a log shape.
Can be stored in freezer.
To serve, slice the log shaped dessert and place into plate.

This has got to be the easiest sweet party dish! No wonder it’s called Lazy. 🙂

The Lazy Cake
Sliced Lazy Cake