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How to host a party for less than $20 per kid

Hosting a kids party

Are you planning to host a party for your next kids event? Being a mum is a full-time job, and sometimes when as simple as it seems to plan a birthday party or kids event, having the kids around may not make it seem as easy! This is why I’ve decided to share some party tips below that will help you host that you and the kids would love for less than $20 per kid!

Before beginning with the details of the party, you will need to set the date, time, number of invites and venue. If you have a backyard and the weather is beautiful around the time of the party, you may consider having it at home. I usually check accuweather for a monthly forecast of the weather; not always accurate but gives a good indication of what to expect. A nearby park is also a good option, however, you might want to consider if there are toilet facilities in the park. If the party is in winter, you may consider hiring a hall (I would recommend you contact your local council for hall options).

Once these have been set, choose a theme that your son/daughter likes to start planning the details!

  • Decoration

There is no need to over decorate for kids’ parties, but nice simple decorations will surely get the kids excited on arrival. For example you can print at home (or office works) some images relating to your party theme, and stick those onto windows or walls around the venue. You may also consider buying the plastic plates and cups to suit the theme, or colors of the theme. These would cost less than $7 total depending on the number of prints, and number of invites.

  • More printable ideas

Get a bunch of water bottles and exchange their labels by printing you own customized water bottle labels (on A4 paper and cut to size). Add those to the kids’ tables or to your buffet table, and watch how the kids would love drinking water at the party.
You may also want to consider printing “Thank you” tags and attaching them to party bags filled with treats for the kids to take home.
Check out where you can get FREE party printable images

  • Food

If your party is between lunch and dinner (e.g. between 2pm and 4pm), then providing the kids with a main meal is not a must. You can have a selection of snacks – including carrots and cucumbers cut up, popcorn, chips, and maybe some homemade mini sandwiches; and a selection of sweets – including colorful jelly cups, cup cakes, colorful jellybeans and a cake. You may consider having some cheese platters for the adults at the party.

  • Games

Simple and fun games with some prizes will make the kids talk about your party for years to come. You can either go with traditional games such as pass-the-parcel and musical chairs; or invent some new games to suit your theme. For example, if it’s a rainbow themed party, have the kids search for the rainbow colors in the garden (you can hide items with the colors of the rainbow). If the kids you have invited are toddlers you may consider entertaining them with some toys that would suit their age group better.