FAQs for Party Hire and Toy Box Hire Adelaide

Here are some of the most FAQs for Party Hire and Toy Box Hire Adelaide, that are two of our main services among others.

Q: Are your toys clean?

A: All of our toys have been thoroughly cleaned between each hire period using an antibacterial, food-grade wash. We also ask that toys are returned to us in a clean state, please read our terms and conditions as fees may apply if toys are returned in an unacceptable condition.

Q: What if a toy breaks during my hire period?

A: Please let us know of any damage or breakages to our equipment, we will then assess the damage and its cause. Please read our terms and conditions of hire as you may be required to pay for repairs or replace the entire toy if damaged parts cannot be replaced.

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: We currently accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Q: Do you provide discounts for large orders?

A: No discounts provided on special offers and packages. However, discounts may be considered on full-priced items. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Minimum order is $150 for the Toys and $50 for the ToyBox range. 

Q: What are your main services?

A: The two of our main services that kids and parents absolutely love are Party Hire and the Toy Box Hire. These FAQs for Party Hire and Toy Box Hire Adelaide also cover the terms that apply to party packages and party toys set up. 

Q: Can we pick up the party toys?

A: We are a delivery service and do not offer a pick-up. Our toys are in storage with no public access.

Q: What are your delivery fees?

A: Our delivery to most suburbs is from $40. We will send you a quote once you have made your booking. Additional charges may apply to areas outside the delivery zone, hard to access, and/or extremely large orders.

Q: Do I need to book in advance?

A: Booking at least 2 weeks in advance is recommended to avoid disappointments. However, we may be flexible with last-minute bookings depending on the availability of required items and delivery.

Q: Do you deliver on weekends or outside normal business hours?

A: Yes we generally do deliver on weekends and after business hours, however, this will incur a 20% surcharge on the whole order and there is a minimum order of $200. For same-day delivery and pick up and weekend deliveries, bookings must be confirmed 10 days in advance.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Cancellation with less than 7 days notice all of the deposit retained. Within 48 hours notice full invoice will be due.

Q: What if I want to hire for less than 5 days?

A: Prices Quoted on the website are for 1-5 days hire. No discounts are available for shorter hire periods.

Q: Do you deliver and pick up on the same day?

A: Yes we do.  It is the same as weekend delivery which will incur a 20% surcharge and there is a minimum order of $200.

Q: Can I extend the ToyBox hire? 

A: Yes, of course, you can. Just contact us so we can check the availability of the toys you have and pay for the extra week. No delivery charge.


FAQ's for Party Hire Adelaide and Toy Box Hire Adelaide?

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