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5 Things to do on Valentine’s Day with the little ones

Pancakes from the heart

Valentine’s Day 2016 … With the kids!

It’s 2016, and its February already! and Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! where does time fly?

However, this year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday and as any other weekend, we are all probably looking for some kind of entertaining activity for the whole family, so.. we’ve put together some Valentine’s Day ideas to do with your kids


1. Start your day with a creative breakfast

Pancakes are always a win, but why not try some heart shaped ones? Simply get some heart shaped cake cutters and either pour the pancake into it while it’s on the pan, or cut the round pancakes into hearts once they’re cooked. The kids are sure to love those! (and adults too!!) Top up with some Nutella or maple syrup and your sweet valentine’s breakfast is ready. (click on the below image for a great pancake recipe)

Pancakes from the heart


2. Head over to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

If yore looking for something different to do, why not leave your loved ones an expression of love at the dazzling International Rose Garden. Available from 1-6pm and FREE at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Your love notes will be displayed among the garden’s thousands of roses.

3. Check out the Adelaide PONGAL Harvest Festival

PONGAL is a tamil harvest festival, with good snacks and food, live dance and music, raffles, prizes and more, this will be another good activity to do with the whole family outdoors. Taking place at the Bonython Park in Adelaide from 9am till 5pm, and entry is FREE!

4. Head to the Adelaide Fringe Festival

It’s one of our favourite times of the year! Adelaide’s fringe festival’s first weekend and valentine’s day all in one. We assume it will be busy, but there are plenty of things to do with the family; and some FREE fun too! so, if you head there, let us know your favourites 🙂

5. Finish the day off with a Family Movie Night

Sometimes the simplest things are the best! After a possibly long and busy day, if your little ones are not in bed already by 7.30, get the popcorn, the movie and your favourite PJs and spend the night watching a family favourite.

Movie Night

Do you know of a fun activity to do this Valentine’s Day?